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B'Cane Brothers Season 01 Ep 04 - Future Alternative Fuels

Bane: China leads the world in electric and alternate fuel vehicles.  Cane: Izzatzo?! Bane: Do you understand what this means? Cane: Dunno, dun care...  Bane: Yes so does someone else ! China however has 664161 alternate fuel driven vehicles on their roads. The most such cars on this planet! A cool 103651 more than the US.  Bane: What? Really? 100 thou more??  Cane: Yes, its time the world followed more than just their cuisine!
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IoT Checklist| Industrial, Consumer, & Manufacturing CTOs, CIOs, Engg VPs!

To Be Said Upfront - This checklist focuses on the probable pitfalls that would affect manufacturing facilities and non-IT companies' path to IoT adoption!  Haste != Quick Ergo Stay Calm Yes, IoT is already driving positive and tangible business results; case in point - the industrial internet of things ( Industrial 4.0 ). But this does not mean you get hasty! On the contrary this is when you do NOT get hasty. Solution - Breaking down and resolving your existing business model to correspond to a skeletal digital model. Validate this with an established IoT practitioner. Going Piecemeal? Please Do Not! IoT is now an indispensable part of our daily lives, irrespective of the industry or the verticals it serves. There is a lot of technological debt involved in an unsystematic implementation/trial/adoption as Dilbert tries to explain here, Courtesy Scott Adams,  And as with any new technology its adoption will be step-by-step, phase-by-phase, budget

Auto News Roll Week #49 Round Up

ELECTRIC VEHICLES Electric Vehicles Startup Byton Establishes North America Headquarters. The emobility venture  has   laid out a road map that will see 300 engineers working by 2030 in Santa Clara.  SAFETY Spanish Auto Giant 'Seat' Showcases Their Safest Yet!  Showcased at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona  the Seat  Leon Cristobal is the safest Seat ever. SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, AND BUSINESS It will look right in place at a Sci-Fi movie set - Fisker's autonomous Orbit shuttle !  Enough said... :-) Data From This Smart Road Fueling Research,  Virginia Tech Transportation Institute's  smart road . GOVERNMENT POLICY India has an ambitious EV road map, is it plausible? Also Tesla Tax to be rescinded before implementation. Norway takes a U Turn! POLITY NEWS Norway has always been at the forefront of causes, the Nansen Passport been the most relevant and all imbibing example. With such a strong history this U Turn was boun

No Roads for Electric Vehicles in India?

India's migration to Electric Vehicles by 2030.... Plausible? A list of reasons why India's migration to 'Only-EV' sales by 2030 is a herculean ask, task, cask! Forget On-Road Price, Charging Points/Electric Grid Sophistication, or Better Graded Fuel. There is a bigger and more basic concern for Electric Vehicles to storm the roads. And that reason precisely could be that there would be no roads for electric vehicles. Image Sourced from this Business World article on NITI Aayog's EV dream! vision! The Tesla Tax A few weeks back Norway did this . With the minority government there mulling (albeit forcefully) over the scope and extent of benefits given to EVs (read Tesla). Hefty benefits that included subsidies in taxes, vehicle parking fees, and road tolls. And now have taken a U Turn , which was expected given the vociferous protests from environmental groups. And seemingly for good and sound reason given that: - EVs cut carbon footprint substa

Episode III - Does ADAS Turn Bad Drivers Into Toads?

The B'Cane brothers think it should. Yes sir! (The setting) The brothers just had a near miss on the road! BANE is to blame too. BANE: (Terrified and breathless) Whawwazzaattttther? CANE: (Breathless himself) What are you blabbering... are you ok...? BANE: What.... was..... that.... back..... there? CANE: Two idiots, inside two cars, on the same road, at the same time, and to top it all - playing chicken. BANE: My ADAS is not functioning! CANE: ADAS is not witchcraft - if it was it would have turned both of you into toads! BANE: Well what is this ADAS then? CANE: It's an advanced technology, that ASSISTS sane people, frankly I am proud of you, it takes an effort to ignore all those warning signs from the Dash, the feedback from your steering, and alarms from your phone! (The Brothers' also had a future outing - ) ADAS is a set of technology applications that seamlessly integrate into your vehicle and driving behavior to help ensure saf


(For those who are not familiar with the brothers - ) FUTURA AUTOMATA! BANE and CANE aboard yet another car, circa 2020 AD! BANE: I love the fact that we could could simply sit and the car is doing all the driving! CANE: Err,.... I am driving the car brother! BANE: (Agitated) But this car can see the road Cane, it has eyes!!! Why are'nt you allowing it to do its work! CANE: Errr... would it maybe because we are inebriated right now, and are goofing around like we used to when we were kids? BANE: Oh... yes, yes.... I forgot! Know more about the future of auto autonomy at #LIDAR #AutomotiveAutonomy

B'Cane Brothers Discuss ADAS!

Episode I: THE BROTHERS B'CANE! BANE and CANE in a car, discussing cars! BANE: Do you know the future of automotive cars? CANE: Well, it will pretty much be like giving the keys to a robot . BANE: And how will a car look like? CANE: Dunno, maybe like this ? BANE: Maybe...... but I am sure future cars will have seats read our body signs and adjust accordingly. CANE: Hmmm.. BANE: And shop for food, cos it constantly knows how much we weigh! CANE: Yes, and hopefully ejects all of 'em delusional folks.